quencesa Vampire/Werewolf

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I couldn't move as his body molded into mine, pinning me to the wall without causing me some physical pain. The heat coming from his body seemed so intoxicating.
"You still won't answer me?" He asked as his hands wander through my legs.
My mouth was still shut, not giving him the satisfaction of getting answered. Hendrix, however, only chuckled before shaking his head. The man seemed amused, more than ever.
"I'm sure your moans will be sufficient enough," he replied softly before capturing my breasts.


Svetlana Haute's whole family tree lives in one thing only and one thing in particular, and that is the death of anything paranormal. Their ancestors hunt werewolves and vampires for pleasure and status, gaining millions of dollars while working outside the ordinary people's sight.
The Haute Family, or is commonly known as, 'Haunted' was feared and despised by the paranormal realm for decades.
Apart from her whole family's image going for years, Svetlana was unaware of the violent nature of her family. Her father was kind enough to shield her from anything that connotes violence. Everything was going well until Savanna was forced to be sent off to the world that remained foreign for her for 18 years.


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Chapter 7


    HENDRIX FELT IT before he could even hear it. He and his men were all ready to head back to the palace when he felt something eerie, giving the man to step back in hopes of looking for something that might connote that the place has people surrounding it.