Magic of the Cards


Leotie Valhana Paranormal

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Sara was raised by her grandmother in a small town where nothing remarkable ever happened. They were witches and their abilities were sought after from the townsfolk. As Sara's Grandmother's health diminishes weird supernatural things start to happen in Oakheart. With the help of her Pygmy Goat Familiar and a mysterious stranger, Sara is determined to protect her home.


Tags: love-trianglefamilykickass heroinewitch/wizarddramasmall townwitchcraftsupernaturalspiritualWriting Academy
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Chapter 18

The destruction around her and her home is virtually gone, was almost entirely out of her mind. All she could do was feel this pit in her stomach, and Sara began to run. She did not stop and let herself into her grandmother’s house and found her lying on the floor. 

There was no time to think or do anything. Adele was unconscious, and……