Chasing Destiny

YennesM Historical Romance

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"Really?! Why the hell did you even send me up there, to just have me come right back down!" ZhiYin's angrily screamed. Sitting up from the bed she glares at the ghost guards.

"The Lord of Fate ask us to bring you back down." explained a ghost guard.

"Who? Why?"

"Well there is a matter that his Lord must explain to you before you are reincarnated once again." the handsomely dressed man in white, calmly said.

Having to untangle the red strings of fate, she will have to find her destiny. How many times will she fail? How many times will it take?

Truly, how hard could it be to find your destined one, once again?


Tags: Love-triangleReincarnationTime-travelArranged MarriageArrogantSubmissiveSensitivePowerfulDramaComedy
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1.10. AuYeung LaiSan

Emperor's POV

The next day, at the Palace

"Father Emperor, pleaseeeee!" MeiMei pleades.

With a slight smile on his face, the Emperor says, "You are so young and the General is already past the prime marriageable age. Yet, you want him to continue to wait for you another five years until you are at marriageable age? Why d……