My Lone Wolf (Completed)


Skylar Fantasy

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Lilith Jones was running away, from her family, her pack. Everything that she believed was her's. She was running without a destination in her mind, with no one to turn to she was hopelessly pounding her paws on the ground looking for an escape. Her useless attempts to survive landed her exactly where fate wanted her, in her mate's arms.

Draven Archer was in a state of misery ever since his family was brutally killed in front of him. His thirst for revenge destroyed packs mercilessly without any regrets. His anger blinded him to the rest of the world, making him undesirable but powerful. His cold heart declared frozen to never be warm again. When one day his cold heart thumped in his chest, indicating the sigh of life that was left in him, as the lone wolf landed in his arms.

"You ruined me, You ruined everything I loved. And now you'll watch as I set your world on fire."
- Lilith Jones.

"So tell me little wolf, do you want to punish those who have wronged you?"
- Draven Archer.


Tags: alphapossessivegoodgirllunasweetlightheartedstraightwittypackfirst love
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Epilogue : My Lone Wolf

*4 years later*

*Regan Archer is Four years old*

"My baby girl, listen to daddy. Come back baby." I chased around after the little two year old energetic girl who was running around on her little feet in her underwear. With every step she took my heart skipped a beat and I worried out of my mind, what if she falls and hurt herself?……


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