Love and Seduction (Sequel to Games of seduction)

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Aria and Hunter finally said those three special words to each other...I love you. Three words they never thought they would be saying to each other considering only a few months of go they were fighting, playing games and swearing it was nothing more than sex between them.

They never believed when they started playing games of seduction their feelings would turn into so much more but sometimes the heart works out what a person needs before the mind does. No one said love was easy and they both find that out along the way.

Aria and Hunter may be in love...may both have what they never knew they really needed but that doesn't mean the games stop...the games of seduction. The difference is this time it done out of love and desire for each other that keeps growing with every day they spent together.

It aint gonna be an easy ride but Aria and Hunter both know it is worth fighting for, no matter what gets in their way.


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*** Two years later ***

Aria’s P.O.V

Hunter and I were happily married, been married for a year and a half and it has been amazing. And we got our own little surprise before we got married, turns out I was pregnant without even known it on the night he proposed to me in front of everyone. We now have a beautiful little girl called O……