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Freya is an innocent 17, almost 18, year old high school girl. One day she comes across a sugar daddy website. In an effort to earn money to go on a trip with her school, she decides to join and see just how much she can make. Although not fully grasping the concept of what a sugar daddy is, she understands enough and that is that it'll make her the money she needs.

Zion is a 27 year old millionaire mobster. He's tired of the meaningless bimbos that come and go from his life. He wants someone to spoil, someone to fill his deepest desires. When he found Freya's profile, he couldn't help the bubbling need that filled him. That was it, he has to have her.
Freya's mouth dropped open in disbelief. She had never heard such foul things come out of a persons mouth before. Her face grew hot as she begun imagining all of the things Zion just admitted.
"Imagine my hot cum filling you up baby girl. Spilling out of you as you shake with immense pleasure." He whispered in her ear
They were no longer walking but now stood in the middle of the path, chest to chest. Freya was clutching on to Zion's shirt while he continued whispering his dirty fantasies in her ear. Freya got more and more embarrassed as her panties got more and more wet.
"Fuck" Zion cursed as he pulled away from her ear "Im not waiting babydoll. Fuck, I can't." Zion urged as he pulled Freya impossibly closer
"What do ya say darling? come back to my place?" He whispered hotly


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Chapter 15

Third person p.o.v

    Freya awoke refreshed and content with how last nights events played out. After their lovely dinner, Zion took her out for ice-cream before bringing her back home. Now that they had reconciled, she wanted nothing more than to be around Zion 24/7 but alas she wouldn't be seeing him again for anoth……