My Dragon Desire


Elon Desa Fantasy

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Dawn Morgan, a newly ranked up witch, is given her first mission. Infiltrate the Dragon's Den and get information.
Being a spy wasn't something she was looking forward too but she was over excited to be starting her first mission.
Leaving Willow Wood Falls is one thing but arriving at Briscana Peaks was on a whole other level. Sky level to be exact.

Will Dawn be able to get close enough to her target to get the information her High Priestess wants?
Or will she fail and reveal her true identity?

Blake Welsh has a point to prove. Newly appointed as the Lord of Uza, he knows that everyone is watching him.
When he meets the new maid, Dawn, his senses are set ablaze.

Will Blake be able to concentrate on his legacy or will he fall?


Tags: forbiddenopposites attractdominantgoodgirlpowerfulwitch/wizardweredragonmysteryanother worldFantasy Romance Ⅱ Writing Contest
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