Family Ties: Amber Eyes series 2


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This is the second of o books. The first book is called Amber eyes/Claimed by the Alpha.
In this continuation May and Colton get even closer, they have their ups and downs and find out that May is more special than anyone knew.
Hera has taken over and gone feral.
"Hera!! don't hurt him" I say yelling at her but she doesn't hear me.
Hera starts fighting Colton trying to get out of his grasp. She claws him on the arm and that loosens his grip.
She tries to run back to her real target but Colton grabs her again, Hera maneuvers herself away from his grasp and lunges at him tead.
"NO!! Hera stop!!" I scream at her.
But she doesn't, however he wasn't her target. At the right moment she irls around Colton and runs to her target and jumps, shifting in midair with our clothes ripping. Hera is about to sink her teeth in to her but something hits us hard from the side and we roll on the ground.
It's Matt in is wolf form. Hera doesn't care and lunges at him. She starts fighting him with full claws and teeth. He tries to pin us down but he can't, we are just as strong as him.
How is this possible, he's a beta?
Hera claws at him but he dodges, she looks back at her real target but Matt gets in front, Colton goes to our other side still in human form. Hera growls at them.
"Please Hera calm down, don't hurt them" but she doesn't listen.

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