Saving Mr. Player


Amy Shahid Romance

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Lieutenant Amy Danvers of Spanish Intelligence Forces is ambitious and strong headed and had been hunting the faceless, Italian Mafia kingpin, Carmen Roman for the past four years.

Every operation she ran against him failed. But when one of the football players is assassinated by Carmen's gambler son during an international football game, Amy finds out that the original target was the Team Captain, the entitled king of soccer - Alessandro Ricci or infamously known as Ricci - 6.

Amy had been pushed around her entire life for being a woman in men's world. She always had to prove herself by working ten times harder than her male colleagues and when she finally got the golden chance of luring Carmen into her trap by using Alessandro, the only thing standing in her way is Alessandro himself.

Alessandro is a man of humble background but having long forgotten his roots, he earned success through his talents becoming world's best football player and now loves his life filled with sinful pride, arrogance and billions of dollars.

A strong headed woman collides against an egoistic arrogant billionaire, who smokes on his success and stays high on his pride.

She needs to keep him under protection to save him but he refuses to hide behind a woman.

A woman who is already fighting to earn respect collides against a man who is stoked with chauvinistic believes and sees women as nothing but playthings for timely pleasure.

Arrogant and incompetent clashes with humble and ambitious.

"I don't need to hide behind a woman to survive, Alessandro Ricci is not that weak... I don't need your protection..."

"I will protect you... even if you don't want to be protected."

A perfect blend of - Action, Thriller, Mafia, Billionaire Romance and Sports.


Tags: billionaireFBIopposites attractbadboykickass heroinebxgsoldiercityfootball
Latest Updated

Five years later....

The entire crowd of the tightly packed stadium cheered in joy, as Alessandro scored the winning goal for his team and everyone stood up cheering in joy, even in the VIP room, where the Prime Minister Suarez and her husband sat together, next to their assistant Derick.

Right behind Derick, stood Amy, in a clean an……


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