The love afair


Brittney James Romance

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A beautiful strawberry blonde had her world turned upside down the day she met an online romance whrn she was 15 the love beeen them seemed obvious until she met a tall dark handsome absolutely stunning man she knew she had to have him. The urges where uncontrollable but how could she fall for him she was promised to another man.


Tags: escape while being pregnantage gapfriends to loversdramasweetbxgsmall townabusebetrayalcheating
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Her Decision

    She was debating her options her mind wondered at the thought could this be real? She decided to put her phone to the side until she could make a clear decision with no hesitation. She then proceeded to get up and make herself something to eat as she watched a movie on Netflix she then awoke to an extremely loud knock at her door. ……