My Reverse Fairytale

OnceUponATime Historical Romance

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Doesn't a fairytale always have a happy ending?

Not when peasant Janice Fields is taken from her home and is betrothed to Prince Carter Jackson. The twisted and manipulative King strikes fear into his people and his family, but Janice has no interest on letting the King get his way without the fight. The two bind together to prove that they will not participate in the King's evil games. Through love, heartbreak, and a plan, the newlyweds will stop at nothing for their happily ever after.

Though their arranged marriage is not their choice, their new choice is simple: bow to the King or dethrone him.

Either way;
Not everyone is getting their happily ever after.


Tags: SystemArranged MarriageDrama
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I looked down from the counter at my five-year-old son, who was staring up at me with his golden brown eyes. I smiled as I scooped Jayden up in my arms.

"Yes, sweetheart?" I kissed his cheek, causing him to crinkle his nose and wipe it away.

"I am hungry."

I placed him back down and grabbed his hand. We walk……