Love of lucifer

Neha Kanade Other

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tried to convenience you but you denied me now you'll stay with me if not with love then with force, "said Lucifer with his sadist's voice and tears roll down from Neha's eyes.

she walk near Lucifer and slapped him so hard , Lucifer look Neha " what do you think, what i am to you, i am not a weak girl Lucifer , you called yourself devil right , now i would like to see how you'll live in my hell " said Neha in very confident voice and Lucifer actually felt scared after seeing the fire in Neha's eyes

this story is about neha who was mishandled by the guy, in this story you'll read how Neha took the revenge from that guy and how that guy madly fell in love with the same girl whom he manhandled in past.

Yes, it's a sequel of f****d love of Lucifer, don't judge a book by its cover. Read the whole book then give your point of view.


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