Married to the Rogue


ZaneGreyxx Paranormal

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“You are mine. You are not owned by anyone, not by an alpha nor a prince, but to a rogue like me,” he growled, his eyes never leaving mine. I could feel his intense anger and irritation.
I should tremble in his threat, I should feel fear. But why do I feel the opposite? I can feel the usual butterflies in my stomach. My heart was pounding so hard within my chest that I thought it might explode. And my knees…if his hands weren't securely wrapped around my waist, I'd have fallen to the ground after hearing what he just said.
Three years ago, I married the Alpha of Romanoff.
And six months ago, the news declared that he was a rogue.
The moment he left me…I knew already that he loved someone. And he even confirmed it when he returned to the palace after the news bombed our kingdom.
He immediately offered our annulment. But I insist that we must still keep our marriage. And he did not agree to it. Yet I was too in love with him that I can beg for him to stay.
And I did.
I begged for a year for him to stay with me.
Yes. I am married to Lazaro Eon Lancaster.
And I am married to the Rogue.
And now, I have six months remaining to make him fall in love with me.


Tags: alphaforbiddenpossessivesecond chanceself-improvedprincessdramabxgpackroyalStary Writing Academy II - Adventure NovelsRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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