Chronos Ascending

Pockette Science Fiction

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Meena has always been running. Why? She had the capability to be the strongest person in the world. Which made her the biggest TARGET in the world. Chronos Corp created a serum that brings out a person's innate super abilities. They're not as strong as those born with powers, but people like that were few and far beeen. Either way, they were now the most powerful company in the world, catering to everyone from the general pubic to the armies of entire countries. But what happens when you introduce powers into society? Crime goes up, suddenly the entire police force need powers just to stop petty crimes. Wars break out and the terrorism is beyond escapable. What can Meena do agat this unstoppable corruption?


Tags: kidnaparrogantkickass heroinepowerfulindependentCEOsuperheroambitioussuperpowerspecial ability
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