Married to Mysterious

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"You finally came out! Are you tired of hiding already?"

"What?" Where did that come from? I turned my head looking for the source of the voice when my eyes landed on the devil himself. When did he get here? I stared at him like a fool. Unable to form words. He looks intimidating and I have this sudden feel of nervousness.

"Can't get your tongue? Or have you seen a ghost? "

"I.. I.. didn't know when you got here." I stammered

"Why did you do that?" He asked his voice turning cold. Eyes turning into slits. Clearly angry. Why is he overeacting about that. I don't think that is a big deal. Well After all he is not a normal person.

"Why are you stressing over it? I don't think it's such a big deal." I replied back.

"What did you just say? He asked raising his voice? Messing with someone's food is not a big deal?" He bend down to look at me his eyes leveling with mine. He look scary. Why is he being like this over such a small thing? I looked down to avoid the eye contact. It is doing things to me. His fury form scared me alot. I have never seen someone this angry before.

"Look up here!" He demanded. Like a robot I find myself responding to his commanding voice. I feel terrified. He look like he is being possessed.

"People who mess with other people's food are simply evil. They are in human. They are witches. They do not deserve to be called humans. Do you even know what that is? You don't harm others with food!!"


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