The CEO’s Bad Boy

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The bad boy of the school, his name is Ashton Saunders. Our past is what makes us today right? But what happens when your past is the reason for bloodlust? What if you didn't even know you had such bloodlust?

Three people: Ash's mother, Cecilia, Damon, Luke are what matter to him the most. The boys' get expelled and their mother forces them to go to work with her and there they but heads with the CEO: Sebastian Tomas. He has a secret like everyone else. His secret and his work are complete opposites.

He's known to be cocky and arrogant, just being around him sends shivers up people's spines he demands respect. But being the CEO of a massive law firm it's normal, but what also is normal is having enemies who aren't afraid to play dirty.

When Sebastian meets the children of the well known lawyer Cecilia Saunders, he'd think they're calm and civilised. But they're not they're everything but that. Not knowing how much it would change his life he's up for a hell of a ride.

Just how much damage can three teenage boys do?

What happens when secrets are revealed?

What happens when the list of people you care about expands?


"We're about to hack into one of most advanced systems ever and we're letting a kid have control over the whole thing?" Blaze growled annoyed yet confused.

"Hey! I am not a kid! I am a teenager! I am seventeen!" I retorted just as annoyed.

"I wasn't talking to you," he snapped at me glaring. I gave him my lovely middle finger, he narrowed his eyes muttering something under his breath.

"Please, do not kill each other, his mother would sue me," Bubbles told nonchalantly, his arm around Tori.



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