Her Rejected Mate


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Teagan and Tamara are the daughters of Coralanna and Anton Biloxi. They are twin hybrids who don't want the hassle of dealing with mates. After learning about the problems Alexandria had with her mates, and knowing what Bethany went through with her fated mate, Teagan and Tamara have no desire to search for their mates. They also choose to not cast the Mate Spell, because they don't want to deal with any of the problems that can arise from casting that spell.
The twins are fearless warriors who have already unlocked several of their special abilities. They train with their father and the other warriors of the Pine Tree Pack on a daily basis. Since the territory is protected by the Protection Spell, they don't get to see much action in terms of going to battle. When the Great Forest Pack reaches out to the Pine Tree Pack asking for help dealing with a rogue problem, Teagan and Tamara are eager to join the battle and show off their skills.
What will happen when the twins join forces with the werewolves of the Great Forest Pack, who have already joined forces with the Midnight Pack and the Jungle Pack? What will they do when they learn that they're mated to a different species of shapeshifters? Will they fall in love with their mates, or will they resist the pull of the mate bond and leave after the battle with the rogues is over?


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    I had planned on proposing to Tamara after we ate dinner, but I couldn’t wait that long.  I had been thinking about it all day, and I needed to know what her answer was going to be, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to enjoy our nice dinner together.

    I was filled with……