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Have you ever thought of traveling through time? Visit the past and future? What if there's a machine that works as a Time machine, would you volunteer yourself to be the test subject?

Wha-wait? What's going on!

Oh no! It's a failure...

Now that two different machines were activated, time got disturbed and halted!

What are these timelines? The past and future? Wait? And these present and previous time-lapses? What's happening!

This is a great mess!

Time's flow got destroyed. Does the past become the future? And the future got its past through existing at the previous present time? Is it confusing no?

Well, dive into this amazing sci-fi apocalyptic adventure novel that involves different timelines, galactic civilizations, and ancient time Earth civilization.

Will our protagonist solve the problem, and what's this?

Zeke? Is that you? Wait- why? Why you have done this!

Stop acting like that Sid, I know who you are.

Others entered the event and immediately confronted each other.

Who could be the real enemy?

One, there should be one among us who sabotage the project back then...

It's you... I know who you are...

If you are from the future and got reincarnated in the past, would it be an advantage for you to survive an upcoming apocalyse? Would it help you to do the right actions? Read this story and dive into an out-of-this-world sci-fi journey to see and join the adventure of Sid and Zeke.


Tags: adventurereincarnation/transmigrationpowerfultwistedmysteryapocalypsemultiversehigh-tech worldprevious incarnationrebirth/reborn
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