Broken and Still Alive


Jamacia Griffin Paranormal

364 reads

17-year-old Angel decides to escape her abusive mother late one night only to find herself laying on the ground in the woods under an old oak tree believing she is finally going to meet her demise only to be rescued by a handsome man with long jet black hair and perfectly tone muscles. Ezekiel a strong and powerful alpha. But Alpha Ezekiel isn't just Angel's hero he is her mate but she doesn't know because she was raised by a human to hide her true identity.


Tags: dominantkickass heroinebraveself-improvedconfidenttragedymysterywerewolvessmall townlonelyWerewolf/Billionaire LGBT+ Writing Contest ⅡStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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Chapter 8

**Angels POV**

     "Remember we are not going to hurt you I promise. We are what humans call werewolves and we live in a group called a pack and we have special titles...."  he continued " Alpha are leaders of the pack then the Luna which is the alpha's mate and mother of the pack " confused to what he means by Luna an……


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