The Light vs The Dark (book 1 of 3)

Katlyn Parks Fantasy

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Blurb: Zahra Asena Blood is the last of the Moon Goddess blood line. Her entire family is murdered in front of her and she is now lost. Will she become a monster just like the sic and twisted werewolf that killed her family to get to her. Or will she still be her sweet and funny self and be with her true mate and start a new life and family of her own?

Zahra’s Prov.
He came back in the room and set up a camera I started to panic and think what I can do to stall him then I see him blocking the camera lens, “welcome to the game called How Far Can You Go. If you win you get to have this trophy.”
He moved out of the way so I was in view and then moved back,
“If you don’t win I get to keep my trophy, let’s begin.”
He turns to me and smiled at me and asked, “Do you know who is watching you and I? It’s someone that wants you for the rest of his life….he’s like…..your knight in shinning armor here to ruscue you form the dragon, which is me.”
Ryders prov.
He’s too close to her seeing her so frightened and scared I wanted to rip his throat out and tear him to pieces. I didn’t want me or my pack seeing my mate like this expecually with someone else.
Then without warning he licks slowly up her nect I could see that he enjoyed it but she didn’t….

What happens next read and find out.


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