The Silent Guy's Revenge

neitononoshana Romance

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Bachelors Series #2: Dylan Ford Smith

I did my best to protect him, to keep him away from my problems. What I didn't know that breaking up with him will cause another problem for me. He wants revenge. A revenge I don't want him to do.

**Credits to all the owners upon using their photos as my book cover.


Tags: RevengeDarkPossessiveSexSecond ChanceManipulativeSubmissivePsychoDramaBxG
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Revenge 12

We did the French kiss. I almost lost my breath because we couldn't stop kissing each other. It was as if we missed each other after three months not seeing each other. I want to experience his love making... how he pleasures my body... how he possesses my body... and how he licks and nips me.... I missed those kind of satisfying things he did t……