Asylum: Saving the World


Tsidkenu Game

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I entered inside the room where I am needed right now - the Asylum. This is a world I can call my own, one where I am free to punish as many criminals as I can. I've been enlisted here by my frat mate since law school days who is now a judge, saying that I am the best candidate for this.

"Welcome to the Asylum! Be ready. Enemies are around the corner. Defend the weak. Save the earth!"

I became alert. Looking left and right, I can see all sorts of enemies - all creatures you never thought existed. I smiled. This is really a world where time knows no limit. Imagine gladiators, zombies and aliens all placed inside a planet to eliminate the human race. These are all my enemies and yes, I am here to save the world.

I am Ygritte.


Tags: powerfulinspirationalwarriortragedybxggame playermultiversespecial abilitykingdom buildinglawyerStary Writing Academy II - Adventure Novels
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