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Penn state university student Bliss Hewitt last seen in her hometown at a Pharming party. Come to find out she gets kidnapped by a secret sex trafficking agency known as VIP. Obtaining Bliss, they sell her to the highest bidder who happens to be Forbes list billionaire Gregory Vaughn. Bliss works as a sex slave for Vaughn for months until he receives a visit from on of his business associates (Caiden Arrington). Bliss reminded Arrington of his lover from his past life, her name was Isabella.


Tags: ForbiddenSexReincarnationKidnapSpankingAge GapKarma/DestinyDramaSweetBxG
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Chapter 10| Hostage

"Isabela. . ." a male voice whispers within the night of Bliss's dreams, with the same voice from a prior dream.

"Isabela?” Bliss reiterated. Why Isabela? She wondered.

Like from the journal "Isabela", was it a coincidence the strange man called out that specific name?

Bliss referred to this mysterious m……