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Penn state university student Bliss Hewitt last seen in her hometown at a Pharming party. Come to find out she gets kidnapped by a secret sex trafficking agency known as VIP. Obtaining Bliss, they sell her to the highest bidder who happens to be Forbes list billionaire Gregory Vaughn. Bliss works as a sex slave for Vaughn for months until he receives a visit from on of his business associates (Caiden Arrington). Bliss reminded Arrington of his lover from his past life, her name was Isabella.


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Chapter 16| Hostage

'"Don't say that." Caiden growled, his teeth grazed her from behind and she felt panic, but she couldn't move. He had not prohibit her to move much at all. His harms clung onto her body. She had not much to wear-- considering the setting so she wore his shirt. She was naked under the his button up shirt  that barely covered, it didn't Caide……