Slave of the Fallen Angel (Otherworld Series#1)

ktish7 Vampire/Werewolf

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"How did you do that?” Ally asked while breathing heavily.

How could he taste her, how could he arouse in her dreams and still feel so real? She felt like she was standing literally naked to the soul in front of Elijah while he devoured every desirable part of hers.

An evil smirk covered his lips as he leaned forward to her level. His lips almost touched hers before he replied in a hushed tone,

"I didn't do anything, sweetheart. It's what I am. It's what I know. This ​is how I quench my hunger. I can lick every sweet little part of yours in a thousand ways even in your dreams and you'll be begging me to fuck you in reality."


Tags: VampireWerewolfDarkForbiddenLove-trianglePossessiveForcedDominantKinkyPowerfulRoyaltyKingBeastHeirDramaTragedyTwistedEpic LengthDreameSeed2019DarkDreame2019BxG
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