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*** “However,” Caleb sneered, “I could punish you in a less permanent way.”
A lump popped up in Jade's throat. It wouldn’t shift, as much as she tried to swallow it away.
“Pull your trousers down and bend over my lap.”
Jade froze... mind reeling.
‘What is happening right now?’ ***
Jade is f****d to work for her enemy - the notorious delinquent Caleb Hayes, after finding out her brother owes him money. He is everything she can't stand, yet, his punishments were turning her on more than anything her past lovers had done to her.
She had always seen him as high school kid posing as a gangster, but since becoming a test subject for an experimental lie detector implant, his endeavors have gone from petty and delinquent to dangerous and sinister. When she finds out his plans are bigger than making money and dealing drugs Jade has to choose beeen him and the rest of the world.
It shouldn't be so much of a hard decision.


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