Area-1, Vol. 2

Stella Purple Sci-Fi

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This book takes place in a planet trillions of light years away from Earth called Area-1, where everything is technologically advanced and the general population is intellectually equipped. People of Area-1 has been taught since they were young and indulge in their choice of career by the time they reach teenagehood.

Lini Dynasty, the daughter of Area-1 High Commander, lives in a professional world surrounded by smart and powerful men. She thought that they are her friends, equally curious and mentally resourceful, sharing the same interest in uncovering the secrets of the universe as she is, until the unexpected happen when they begin to profess their hidden feelings which she does not know how to respond than breaking their hearts.

Follow the journey of Michael, James, Nathaniel, Thomas and Ed in attaining the heart of their asexual colleague, Colton and Mark in coming to terms with feelings for their sister and cousin, and Alak, Bass and Bartek in convincing Lini that an inter-galaxy romance is what she wants.

Area-1, for never-ending discoveries.

(Volume #2)


Tags: TeleportationPolyamoryOfficeSystemOuter SpaceKinkySweetBxG
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Lini Dynasty
Lini Dynasty

After seeing the delegates off, I choose to head straight back home, too tired to continue any of my previous projects. At the same time, my brain has been programmed to avoid the Sectors pathway entirely.

After that awkward exchange with Nathaniel, I am still not sure on how to react to his unexpected proposal. Michael and Jam……