Impregnated By My Best Friend's Dad


Amanda Julio Fantasy

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She had never been with an older man before, and she hoped her friend wouldn't mind...

Hollie goes to a concert, and finds herself stranded when her so called friend ditches her. She can't get a ride home, but thankfully her friend Sarah's mature and experienced dad is more than willing to pick her up.

Feeling tipsy and rebellious, it won't be long before Hollie convinces him to take her rough and without protection. 


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Chapter 3

“It was so good of you,” she said. “I should really do something to thank you.”

She held her breath as she reached out and put her hand on his thigh. Mr. Bryce tensed as her fingers crept higher. He suddenly dropped one of his hands from the steering wheel onto hers and stopped its progress.

“We shouldn’t do this,” he said.