Frozen Queen

Kenzie Fantasy

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Emmaline has reigned as the Vampire Queen for nearly a century. Every decade a tournament is held to decide the new leader and every decade Emmaline proves herself as the strongest vampire, the fittest to rule.
With the next tournament just around the corner, Emmaline is confident she will reign supreme, but an unlikely kink appears in her plans when some enemy werewolf spies are captured. Among them is the younger brother of the Alpha of Vengeance Pack. And he is her mate.
As a show of power Emmaline wants to kill the spies, however, the mating bond while strengthening werewolves, weakens vampires. She isn't sure she will have the strength to kill her mate and his pack companions, or even prove herself in the next tournament.


Tags: darkmatekickass heroinepowerfulGirl Power CounterattackWriting Challengebxg
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