My Best Friends Mistress

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“Callie are you sure you wanna do this?” he asked “It could change everything, you know that right?” he said

Does it really have too though? Why should it change things? It is only a drunken one night stand, we are both adults

“Yes I am sure. Why does it need to change anything? It is only sex Asher…one night of sex, nothing more than that. Why should it change anything at all?” I said resting up on my elbows looking at him
“That is very true. It is only a drunken one night stand right.” He said and I nodded
One night, that was the plan. That was what we decided, one night of sex and nothing more. We are best friends, that is all it is meant to be, he is married after all and no matter how much of a bitch his wife is it is still cheating. No matter how hot and passionate the sex was, it was only a one time thing....well so we thought.

What we never thought...what we never planned was after one time we would go back for more over and over again...I never planned on bing someones Mistress but yet here I am finding myself as none other than My Best friends Mistress.

Deep down we both knew it was wrong...knew we should not be doing it but lust and passion can be o powerful feelings. Here is to hoping the decision we made one drunken night doesn't ruin everything.


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