Wolf's Heir

Milly Weaver Paranormal

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The moment he saw her, wolf shifter Jalen Hunter knew Jassie was special.

Knew he had to have her.

Knew he had to claim her as his own.

She was delicious, sexy, curvy… smart.

His wolf clawed for her.

His wolf growled for her.

His wolf wanted to mate her.

And what kind of shifter doesn’t listen to their animal?

He was going to make her his.

And not only that…

…he was going to put his heir ide her.


Men like Jalen Hunter don’t pass through a gal’s life much, but we all know the type.

Way too sexy for their own good.

Cocky… arrogant.

So bad for you they should come with a warning label.

They’re the kind you want to spend one night with…

…and only one night.

And even then, you’re taking a risk.

Jassie knew she was going to take that risk.

Jassie knew it was just going to be one night.

What she didn’t know was that one night was all it would take…

…for the wolf shifter to put his heir ide her.


WOLF’S HEIR is a steamy, full-length paranormal shifter romance that depicts an alpha wolf shifter willing to do anything to claim his mate, a pregnancy, and closes with a happy ending.


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