Finding My Fate

Kiara Colón Romance

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When an arranged marriage is the last thing Camilla wants, she resorts to escape from her engagement party and an abusive fiancé, who never dares mistreat her in front of her family. She ends up in a park where she meets a photographer who becomes her friend not knowing she comes from money nor she’s a vampire.

When her father locks her in a cell for escaping ice on her engagement, he locks her in the dungeon and keeps her from feeding for days. She’s saved by her o most trusted servants. Ending up at Andrew’s house she begs him for help and that’s when he’ll discover her secrets. Weak and starving, Andrew makes the decision to let her feed from him, creating a bond that will unite them forever.


Tags: love-triangleopposites attractsensitiveindependentdramatwistedvampireenimies to loversphotographerWriting challenge
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