Second Chance Love

Tsidkenu Romance

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Chastity, a reputable criminal defense lawyer, is in the prime of her life. She has it all – a perfect body matched with an enchanting face and unbeatable brain, a booming career in the field of the brightest, a house and lot located at the place of the rich. Not to mention that she has the best mother in the world, one who would do everything in her power just to make her happy.

For all people, Chastity’s life is perfect. She is the woman all men could dream of. However, no matter how grand her life is, everything vanished when she lost her memory in a shipwreck. Instead of reaching Patmos, her island of destination, she was brought by the waves of destiny to an island she never thought existed. There, she woke up to be another person named Eleanor. Worst, she was made to believe that she is married to a billionaire named Charles.

“You are Eleanor, my loving wife. You hit your head in a car accident and lost your memories. I am Charles, the love of your life. You may have lost your memories but not your husband.” These are the first words she heard that pertains to her identity. She stared at the man who is claiming to be her husband. He has a perfect figure akin to that of a supermodel. Slowly, he walked towards her and enveloped her in his loving embrace.

For a couple in love, two years passed so fast. Before she knew it, Eleanor gave birth to their first child. The painful truth unveiled though when she regained her memories and realized that she’s not married to anyone. Worst, the man claiming to be her husband is the man she never wanted to see ever again.


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Chapter 126

    In the sala of Charles' suite...

    Charles was pacing back and forth. He was not able to notice it but he actually spent almost an hour doing the same thing. He just can't figure something out. Frowning, he paced again. 

    Why do I always feel that Chastity is holding……