His Replicated Features


NoLabel Science Fiction

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"Yes, my I.Q is above average, but when it comes to you I'm a fool" ↭Osvaldo

"This thing...will bring color to my life again..." ↭ Vynacee

"I love you...always remember that" ↭ Dyrham

"He's already dead! That creature is not him! Please stop this!!!" ↭ Celene

"I like you...maybe as a joke you can say that you like me too. But then...the truth is, you love someone else" ↭Marcus


Tags: darkkickass heroinepowerfultragedybxgnon-human leadcityfirst loveweak to strongsubstitute
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Do you remember me?

Do you remember what we had?

We used to ride bikes together...

...used to eat lunch together,

...share thoughts together,

...bring love with each other...

Do you remember?




Have you been drinking...

To take all t……


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