Bad Things To Love (Book One)


Britt L. W. Romance

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"Going somewhere?"
"Yes. Robbie and I are watching a movie tonight. I told him I'd meet him in an hour so I really need you to leave so I can get changed."
"Samantha you can play these games all you want but I can see you want me just as much as I want you. I felt the way your body responded to me that night. That is why you were willing to have sex with Robbie because I had your body so worked up that you needed to feel something even if it was with Robbie." He moved so close to me with a quick speed that it was hard to move in time. "Admit it Samantha you want me. Please I need to hear you say it once."
I gulped so loudly I'm sure he could hear me in his close proximity. His fingers grazed my left arm that immediately sent goose bumps all over my body. With a shaky voice I responded, "no you are wrong. I want Robbie." That was all I could manage to say. My heart was thumping loudly against my chest anticipating his response.
In my surprise he moved back from me. "You are so goddamn frustrating Samantha! f**k!" He yelled loudly as my body shook in fear. While he looked into my eyes he could see the abundant fear hidden behind them. He looked as almost if he was disappointed in himself for making me feel afraid of him. "Please baby don't be scared of me. I will never hurt you. I... want you so damn much Samantha.


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