I'm Back Baby

hidden_love42 Romance

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Analissa Williams has been hurt time and time again. She has been rejected by her family and friends at home, abused physically and emotionally, and she longs for the love that she was denied for most of her life.

Ana completely turns her life around when she finds out her family is mafia. And now she is back and better than ever.

Gabriel is the leader of a small gang that has always tried to protect the innocent. When Gabriel finds out that his most trusted friends used to be the ones that he fights so hard agat currently, what is his decision? Especially when they nearly destroyed the girl he loves.

(This story conta dark images, humor, content. Please read at your own discretion.)

(The cover art is not my original art. It was found on the inter and no copyright infringement is intended.)


Tags: darkbadboybadgirlkickass heroinemafiadramabxghumorousdisappearanceGirlpower Revenge Writing Contest
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