Her Powerful Witch Mate


Kat Kyle Fantasy

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***Completed*** Book 1 of The Crystal Orb Series

In the world of witches, it is a well-known fact that males exist. But they are mostly reclusive, not easily found. They have to go through trials, tribulations and self-realisation to become witches.
An all-powerful Alpha, Waru, from one of the oldest wolf clans of Australia, decides to destroy all the witches. Some solitary witches go into hiding, nurturing a prophecy.
The most powerful witch of their time would save them.

Kirra is the heiress of the Waru’s wolf clan. What happens when she finds an extraordinary mate who is shouldering the weight of a prophecy that would save his kind? Can she erase the past animosity and convince her mate to honour their bond?

The most powerful witch grew up in a reclusive family. Destined by a prophecy to save their kind from persecution. What happens after meeting Kirra? Will their love mean the end of all witches or will their love be the end of werewolves or will they decide to remain enemies and be the end of each other?

In this struggle of animosity, power, deceptions and conspiracies who will survive?

Credits for the book cover:
Photos: Canva, Pexels and Pixabay
Artwork: My husband Aaron


Tags: alphamatekickass heroinepowerfulwitch/wizarddramabxgrealistic earthwitchcraftsupernatural
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