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"Well, Phil Lester, why don't we listen to some Fall Out Boy? Shall we?"
Phil Lester is new to University, ready to start his life and maybe make some friends.

Dan Howell is the drummer of a rock band in town. He's sort of the badass, rocker guy of campus.

When these fellows get stuck being roommates their whole lives are turned upside down. Maybe even for the better.


Tags: CampusSexOpposites AttractArrogantBadboyBandDramaSweetBxBBi
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-4 years later-
"Are you ready to lose your mind?" Chris announced into the mic as they played a concert in Royal Albert Hall. The crown cheered insanely. "We're Blurry Haven and we're here to... well... entertain you." He said pulling his classic line.

Dan sat at his drums, looking into his phone as he saw his last text from Ph……