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"Well, Phil Lester, why don't we listen to some Fall Out Boy? Shall we?"
Phil Lester is new to University, ready to start his life and maybe make some friends.

Dan Howell is the drummer of a rock band in town. He's sort of the badass, rocker guy of campus.

When these fellows get stuck being roommates their whole lives are turned upside down. Maybe even for the better.


Tags: CampusSexOpposites AttractArrogantBadboyBandDramaSweetBxBBi
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Dan and I left the room and went towards the garage so he can start practicing and stuff. The song that he played before was beyond amazing. I think that song was by Twenty Øne Pilots but I don't remember. I sat in one of the beach chairs next to some dude who had brown spiky hair, and giant dimples on his face. He looked at me and greeted me.