MY Mate Or My Future


tapioca.tapia42 Romance

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I have finally started over with my life, away from my family and have found peace within myself. I have found love again and helping him find peace within himself, but it seems the past might be too strong to forget for him, and how can I add on to his heavy burden, by telling him I'm pregnant. How would he take it, and with us looking for his mother, I can't bring myself to tell him.

Andrea just found out the very thing she wanted, but will Calian want the same thing, he's a troubled shapeshifter, and she a new found witch, would it work out for them?


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The next few days there was a lot of planning. Round two of trying to kill Ruth was on it's way. This time Calian wasn't going to stand in the way, he and Nick had understood that and had come to an agreement. Calian believed that Ruth wouldn't be alone, and the wolves verified that, there were a lot of walkers coming in through the area.  ……