She's a Natural

Tara Holz Fantasy

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Mia knew she wasn't normal. 

She just wanted to be left alone. On her seventh birthday, she was cursed with gold eyes and the power to control all four elements. She was a freak, and she didn't know what she did to be punished like this.

On her eighteenth birthday, after her foster home slammed the door in her face, a mysterious man shoved a train ticket into her hand and told her to get on the midnight train. Confused but not having anywhere else to go, she followed his instructions.

She didn't know that she would end up at a protection school for supernatural creatures. She didn't know she was needed to fulfill a stupid prophecy some witch lady chanted a thousand years ago. And she definitely didn't know she would meet her mate, whatever that was. All she did know was that he was hardheaded, possessive, and a dragon.


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Chapter 37

"She is not to be touched," Killian declared as soon as I crumbled the impenetrable wall with a flick of my wrist. "She planned on killing Cain."

"You believe that?" Xavier snapped. Salvador growled at me.

"You're blinded by love," Ivy scoffed.

"Nobody will harm one fucking hair on her head," Killian hissed back.