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Book 2 of the Jungle Series
Snow Angel Delaney is found as an infant in the middle of the forest by the least likely couple who have been hiding for years, because of their forbidden love. Her adopted mom Cheyenne is a witch, whereas her adopted dad Reese is a werecat. They raise Snow as their own while keeping themselves hidden deep in the forest located on a free territory.
Cheyenne helps Snow master the abilities associated with her witch side, and Snow becomes a very powerful witch from the years of practice. After that, Reese teaches Snow everything she needs to know about fighting to protect herself from rogues.
Snow goes stalking rogues on the free territory. She uses a combination of her archery skills and her witch skills to take them out with ease.
Suddenly, a strange scent tickles her nose, but she doesn't understand why. She shoots her arrow and it barely misses the most handsome guy she has had her eye on for awhile. Not sure how to react, she sprints back to her parents house.
Lance Kyle Chesterfield is the first born to King Lance and Queen Celeste making him the future King of Werecats. He wants nothing more than to find his mate before he has to take the throne, but what will he do when he sets eyes on the beautiful and mysterious Snow Delaney. Unfortunately, before he can get close enough to talk to her, she sprints into the forest located on the free territory. Unfortunately, it's a forest that's known for having an abundance of rogues.


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    The morning after we defeated the rogues, the territory was abnormally quiet.  Everybody stayed up late leading to us all sleeping in.

    As soon as I awakened, I climbed on top of Lance and slowly swirled my tongue around the mark on his neck.  A second late……