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Shude Liang Romance

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The young man is determined to be a pure military dream, but unfortunately in a decadent age, reality is getting farther and farther away from his ideal. After leaving the army for a while, he personally experienced the country’s famine caused by war and the killing and plundering caused by dictators. At the same time, he used power to trample on people’s belief in righteousness. Fear made the people completely slaves, and no thoughts were allowed. .

As the disaster struck him, the young relatives and close friends were brutally murdered one after another. He finally couldn't bear it. He returned to the original army to join the uprising, and promised to overthrow the old regime and establish a new regime, thus becoming king.

In order to build a utopia of democracy, freedom, human rights, and freedom of belief, the army went to collect refugees everywhere, and the army directed its firepower at the dictatorship leader...


Tags: tragedysoldierStary Writing Academy IIIRise From The Ashes:King from NobodyESCAPING - Suspense/Thriller Writing Contest 1
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The vast sea of ​​people meets in distress, and it is even harder for my soulmates to read this.

Take this opportunity to talk.

You are most interested in the evaluation of the characters in this work, such as the courageous Akulia, the sorrow of making a major change, the Apazo who firmly believes in the truth,……


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