Property of Black

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Caution: strong sexual content, Bondage, boyxboy content. My name is Damon and my guardians and I moved to a little town that seemed never to progress from the 1950s. How wrong was I? Extremely apparently. The first day at my new school I got attacked. After running out of school and finding a nice quiet spot to sit and think, I fell asleep. When I woke up I couldn't speak and was chained to a bed in a tiny room only to discover I was to become a toy - a rag doll as he put it for the rest of my life.


Tags: BDSMDarkRapeKidnapArrogantManipulativeDramaTragedyTwistedBxB
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It's been a few days since Master 'showed' me off to his friends. Master has not requested anything weird from me since. Master has not punished his plaything, except for not allowing relief of a constant throbbing cock hanging lowly between legs still littered with cum. A feeling of doom lingers through the dwelling. The body shivers just think……