Property of Black

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Caution: strong sexual content, Bondage, boyxboy content. My name is Damon and my guardians and I moved to a little town that seemed never to progress from the 1950s. How wrong was I? Extremely apparently. The first day at my new school I got attacked. After running out of school and finding a nice quiet spot to sit and think, I fell asleep. When I woke up I couldn't speak and was chained to a bed in a tiny room only to discover I was to become a toy - a rag doll as he put it for the rest of my life.


Tags: BDSMDarkRapeKidnapArrogantManipulativeDramaTragedyTwistedBxB
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Coming to in a strange room is quite bizarre and scary. Where is Master? His body is battered and bruised. Filth laden as well. Turning around a door is seen and scrawny legs clammer towards it and starts the shower to clean. Warmth flowed through tight muscle and filth. Cleaned up; the search for Master begins. His room came first. The time of ……