K3MM Romance

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“What did you give me?” I asked as I tried to stand but my feet gave in and I fell down.
Gordon rushed to my side, “you gave me no choice Kathleen. I'm never going to let you go again so people can hurt you. I can make you happy and you'll see that.” He said as he carried me, my vision was blurry and then I passed out.

Kathleen Hopkins, the owner of a new coffee shop, loves music and is drawn to music she heard in the subway station. The handsome guy with grey eyes and an amazing voice. She offers him a job to play in her new cafe not knowing who he really is.
What will happen when Kathleen learns of Lorenzo's true identity?
Will she be able to forgive him for the deception?

Lorenzo Turner, the humble and down to earth billionaire, is in love with the red haired beauty and he wasn't going to let go of the chance to spend time with her. He didn't tell her the truth and when she did find out she wound up in the hands of a psycho stalker.
Will Lorenzo save her from the hands of Gordon?


Tags: billionairefriends to loversgoodgirlsensitiveindependentsweetbxgseriousfemale leadcityStary Writing Academy III
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I really wanted to go on a vacation somewhere with no internet connection so I couldn’t get the urge to try and visit the world that I left behind. Olivia suggested a place, Tutuila Island. She said her grandmother took her there once to try and show her there’s more to life than phones and TV’s and all these other things tha……


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