HER GRACE... (king of Alphas)

Cassydoll Vampire/Werewolf

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Allison Turner is the second child born into the Turner family of werewolves her father being the Beta of the Diamond crest pack and her mother the Third in command,
At age 13 all werewolves all expected to experience their first shift which is also known as coming out of the wolf but unfortunately for Allison she was unable to shapeahift. She failed to shift and thus was considered a human with no wolf while the alpha named her the omega of the pack although her parents never stopped loving her omega or not,but the pack made sure to make her life a living hell.. But none of this faced Allison, she trained herself mentally and physically to be able to stand strong in combat in hopes of meeting her mate someday, And then there came a letter from there the world most feared,powerful and largest pack,A letter from the Black Blood pack means 2 things, WAR or ALLIANCE. And this put the love of her parents and loyalty to test. Will Allison be given away as a peace treaty?, will she accept her fate and save her pack and family from an impending doom, will she be the same beautiful carefree pale skin girl she is, or will she be broken beyond control, Will she be able to prove herself strong and not give in to the weak omega she is expected to be.. Will her dreams of living a perfect life with her mate ever come to reality or will she be doomed to enternal torture from the Black Blood pack.. Will her mate ever come to her rescue. Follow me and enjoy the turn of events in Allison life. (HER GRACE.. King of Alphas) #DreameSeed2019


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