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Zach Rivera Santana was an illegitimate son of a billionaire, whom at the age of 27, rose to the ranks of well-known business tycoons in the Philippines. A formidable tax and corporate lawyer, he was one the most sought-after bachelors in the country. Born with the gift of urbane charm, disturbing magnetism and sensual power, he was every woman's dream. But he was as elusive as a wild stallion. Just like the mark that he bore. Walang sinumang babae ang makapagpaamo sa kanya. Well, except for that one woman who baptized him with all sorts of carnal gratifications and unwittingly ignited an unfamiliar fetish in him.

Azalea Alvez Custodio or Lei was a woman of extreme ambition, a fighter and exquisitely beautiful. The circumstances of her own birth made her vow not to repeat her mother’s mistake nor to allow any man to use her body for his own pleasure.

But an unfortunate circumstance forced her to momentarily set aside her disposition. Trapped in a financial difficulty, she bravely sold her precious virginity for a price more than enough to survive. Being a woman equipped with guts and optimism, she promised to forget that painful evening when a stranger took away her innocence. It was just once and it would never happen again.

But three years later, her path once again crossed with the man who popped her cherry - the forceful, down to earth but cynical Zach Rivera Santana, who jumped to all sorts of wrong conclusions about her and made her life challenging.

Sinubukan niyang iwasan ito. Sinubukan niyang supilin ang nararamdamang atraksiyon para sa lalaki. But he was irresistible. She found herself succumbing to his sexual advances. And, oh boy, but she surely was in deep shit!

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CHAPTER 13 Reunited

After one week, Zach started his new career as a tax and  corporate lawyer of Santana Group of Companies. Isang malaking oportunidad ang inialok ng matanda sa kanya kung  kaya hindi niya iyon tinanggihan.  Don Zacharias agreed to his terms and conditions. Ni hindi nga ito nagreklamo sa napakalaking suweldo na hiningi niya k……