Dane Fantasy

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In the world where every species coexist, peace is determined through pacts and treaties.

In the land the werewolves occupy, four packs reigns: the Lone Woods at the North, Azure Hills at the East, Cerise Lagoon at the West, and the Amber Mines at the South.

However, a fifth group existed which has a quarter of the lands of the East: The Wrights Union- a group of rogues who isn't part of a pack and were technically a group of outcasts that only survived through pacts, that the Rogue King Austin Usher, made.

Dominique Harlow was one of them. Being a 19 year-old girl who's been living as a rogue after she ran way from the hell she once called home, her life as a normal werewolf trying to blend in with the others changed when the Moon Goddess gave her mate: Jaxson.

Meeting each other by accident at a busy street, the two denied the feelings created by the mate's pull, both believed that they need no mate.

Despite their resistance, the fate continued to connect them together. Finally introducing themselves, Domonique said she's just a rogue who's tired of being an outcast, and Jaxson called himself 'Jax' who knew nothing about his past and can't even remember his own surname.

But their introductions weren't as real as it seems.

"You're not just a nobody, aren't you, Jax?" Dominique asked, the cold wind brushing her skin made the chills on her nerves even more stronger.

Jax looked straight into her golden eyes. "So are you, Monique. We both lied."

What will Dominique do if the mate she's connected with is an Alpha who's manipulating the world with his strings but unnoticed by everyone?

"Why am I being punished because of a sin I didn't even do?" she cried.

A story where the past complicates everything. Will they really let themselves tear apart because of the things that can't be undone?


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Hey guys! So for now, I would like to use this chap again(more like wasting it lol) to express myself and properly explain why things were obviously messy and each updates are just showing the repeated versions of the past chapter I completed. 

To be honest, I don't really want to do this but reading or situation right now, my time is……