The Millionaire player has met his match

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Grayson Rhodes, a name that makes woman weak to their knees just at the mention of his name. He is sexy, confident and a player, the kind of guy that woman should stay away from. All he has to do is smile at them and they are putty in his hands...the way he likes it to be. He is used to getting what and who he wants ,when he decided he wanted Alexa Lively the millionaire player has met his match without even knowing it.

Alexa Lively, sexy, confident and a bit of a smart-ass. She is different from they other woman, she does not fall for his charm as easily as the rest. He wants her...he plays by her rules...he needs to work for it. When he sets his sights on her he has no clue what he has gotten himself into. She can play games like he can...better even.

When these two worlds collide it is the start of something neither of them have experienced...the start of something that is gonna get too hot to handle.


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One year later

Alexa’s P.O.V

“Tell me again why you are throwing a random party?” I giggled as Grayson and I headed into a beautiful hall that was within one of the hotels his parents owned.

There was no occasion for the party, Grayson just wanted to throw it. He was one of the most random people I have ever met b……