Captivated by Gangster

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In this world gang members can come in every way, shape, or form. Whether they are arms dealers, drug smugglers, female, hitmen, or family men, they still can brand the title gangster.

Camilla Aurelia, a young directionless woman with a past worth forgetting, moves to New York City from Waterloo to see more of what the world had to offer her. On the first day in the city, she is swooped off her feet by what seems to be the perfect man. Generous, funny, smart, rich, and kind. It was everything she had ever wanted in a man but Camilla will have to learn that there's more than what meets the eye.

Enzo Vidal works as a fix it man for one of the most lethal cartels in New York. Despite his life of seclusion and murder, he cannot prevent himself from bringing innocent Camilla into his life and he is willing to do whatever to keep her, even if that means betraying his own people.


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It had been a total of two months that had passed since Enzo and I's visit to Italy and those two months have been jam packed with life changing moments. Enzo has actually convinced me to follow my dreams and help people by going out and getting myself enrolled into college. It was only a community college and my classes still don't start for an……