The Moon Goddess


Katherine Sanchez Fantasy

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Evangeline is a normal girl living in the 20th century. She has never felt like other girls in her town, while others want to get married and have families of their own, Diana wants to pursue a career. Her life is nothing special but she wants to make it extraordinary. Little does she know of what fate has in store for her.

She has always felt at home in the forest but she always thought it was related to her memories with her father there. It isn't until one day that something inside of her changes. Suddenly, she sees more than many people ever had. Magic. Fairies. Mythical creatures that were once only a myth appear before her eyes.

Diana wants nothing but answers and she is willing to leave all her life behind to get them. With the help of her closest friend and a stranger, she embarks on a journey that would change her life as she finds out who she really is and her purpose in the supernatural world.


Tags: fatedmategoodgirlpowerfuldramamoon goddnesscoming of agesecretsWriting Academynaive
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When I had gotten back home that night, my mother had been relieved, and I noticed she was smiling widely. I did not understand why at first until I saw my father emerge from the kitchen with a big smile on his face. His face was bruised and one of his arms was fractured but he was alive.

I had run towards him and placed my around him tig……