The Girl, The Knight, and The Sleeping Princess


nichi781 YA&Teenfiction

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Traumerei or we know her as Troya has a trauma that has plagued her for years. She lost her childhood friend and first love in an accident three years ago. After the accident, Troya developed an illness that made it easy for her to fall asleep. In fact,s he slept for two whole
weeks. But right now, she was getting better.

In high school, she became friends with Liam and Mayang. One day, the three of them are thrown into another world, where technology is still very simple and the world is still so green with cool and refreshing air. However, in that world it turns out that their lives are still in danger. They arrived at the kingdom of Paralia, where at this time the kingdom was being controlled by an evil magician. They also met a knight who was accompanied by a bear. The Knight turned out to have a face very similar to Kai. Even their names are the same, Kai and Kay. When the five of them intend to head for the last shelter for the King, Queen and the rest of the people of the Paralia kingdom, they are attacked by a horde of animals sent by the evil witch named Valborga. From the story of the King and Queen, they learned that Princess Ovidia Rose was held captive by the witches in the palace. These three friends are also willing to help the Paralia kingdom free from the witch's entanglement.


Tags: alphakickass heroinestudentkingbxghighschoolsword-and-sorceryanother worldfriendshipYoung Adult Fiction Writing Contest Ⅱ
Latest Updated
59. Epilogue

After a very-very long time since the battle, Fairies Aoi, Mellon and Berry tried their best to find an antidote to the poison that was lodged in Princess Ovidia Rose's body. They studied and inspected from Valborga's previous journal.

Eventually, they had managed to find an antidote for the poison. But when they were about to try it on Ov……


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